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22 nov 5 pm Södertälje, Sweden

Children's Climate Prize 2017

Children's Climate Prize 2017

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16/10/17 Last year's winner, this year's honorary guest; Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is coming to Södertälje, Sweden for the Children’s Climate Prize 2017!

02/10/17 This year's jury meeting! Chairman of the jury, Johan Kuylenstierna, and the other jury members have now agreed on the finalists for 2017! All the finalists and the winner will be officially announced in November. Get the latest updates live in your feed - follow Children’s Climate Prize on facebook and instagram!

30/09/17 Nomination closed. The Children's Climate Prize is awarded to a child or youth who has done something extraordinary for the climate and environment. It can range from initiatives and projects to climate-smart inventions and gadgets.

Telge Energi awarded the first Children's Climate Prize to the inspiring climate warrior Xiuhtezcatl Martinez 16 years from USA. Now it's time to find the 2017 climate hero. The winner, appointed by a jury, is awarded a medal, a diploma and a prize fund of SEK 50,000 at the prize ceremony in Södertälje, Sweden on November 22nd.


    About the prize

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    We face a turning point in human history and the state of the earth. We must stop and reverse climate change that drives us against catastrophic scenarios. Telge Energi has taken a stand by working exclusively with renewable energy. But more needs to be done. The next generation will face the consequences for our climate failure. Telge Energi therefore instituted the Children's Climate Prize, an international climate prize awarded to a child or youth, 10-17 years, who has done something extraordinary for the climate and environment. The prize was established in 2016 to highlight another perspective on the climate issue, recognizing that it is the children's future at stake, that their voices are important and deserve to be heard. The finalists and the winner are appointed by a jury and receive SEK 50 000 in prize money. Anyone can nominate their climate hero.

    Children’s Climate Prize jury

    Johan Kuylenstierna, Chef för Stockholm Environment Institute - CCP2017

    Johan Kuylenstierna

    Executive Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute

    Katarina Mohlin, Kommunikationschef på if - CCP2017

    Katarina Mohlin

    Head of Communications at if

    Micael Dahlén, ekonom, författare och rockstjärne-professor i ekonomi - CCP2017

    Micael Dahlén

    Economist, author and rock star Professor of Economics

    Soledad Piñero Misa, Retoy och Social Mission Manager på Ben & Jerrys Nordic - CCP2017

    Soledad Piñero Misa

    Retoy and Social Mission Manager at Ben & Jerrys Nordic

    Juhán Niila Stålka, WWF Sweden Youth - CCP2017

    Juhán Niila Stålka

    WWF Sweden Youth

    Juliette - jury, Children's Climate Prize 2017

    Juliette Potier

    Youth representative from France.

    Kimai - jury, Children's Climate Prize 2017

    Kimai Hireme

    Youth representative from New Zealand

    Ihsan - jury, Children's Climate Prize 2017

    Ihsan Xasan

    Student from the Blombackaskolan School.

    Kristian - jury, Children's Climate Prize 2017

    Kristian Chamoun

    Student from the Blombackaskolan School.

    McKenzie - jury, Children's Climate Prize 2017

    McKenzie Royo

    Youth representative from the USA

    Last year's winner of the Children's Climate Prize 2016

    Vinnaren av Children’s Climate Prize 2016: Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Martinez, USA

    To draw attention to the climate issue from a more positive perspective, Telge Energi established the Children's Climate Prize in 2016. Last year's prize was awarded to the inspiring climate warrior Xiuhtezcatl Martinez from Colorado, United States. Xiuhtezcatl is a 16-year-old climate activist, hip-hop artist and an extraordinarily powerful voice in the climate debate worldwide. He has made his voice heard on some of the world's greatest venues including being the main speaker at the UN General Assembly in New York. He is the director of the Earth Guardians, a global organization of young activists, artists and musicians from around the world working together to create positive change.

    Read more about last year's winner


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